Ultimate DL-424-832-2+ Combo PBX + Voice Mail System

datalabsusa dl-424-832-2+ combo PBX, pbx , voice mail - voicemail and audiotex telephone system



EVM-2x on top of the PBX DL-424
Combo PBX and Voice Mail System Shown Above.

(case appearance may vary)

EVM-2x on top of PBX 424 rear view

Rj-11 Standard Jacks for easy connections
of Telephone Lines and extension phones (NOW VONAGE COMPATIBLE TOO).
All Voice Mail cables provided.
Simple Installation for the "Do it your-selfer"



DataLabs Means Business since 1982!


Small & Medium Size Business

NEW IMPROVED! -- Professional 4 line PBX (Expands to 8 Lines and / or 32 Extensions with optional add-on line and extension cards)
Voice Mail Combo System!

DataLabsUSA Voice Exec DL-424-832-2+
4 Line by 24 Extension
Business Telephone Combo System Includes PBX, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, Audiotex, Music On Hold!

evm-2x on top of pbx-424 slanted view

We are really excited! We improved existing features and added important new features. Compare Data Labs own brand DataLabsUSA DL-424-832-2+ (plus version) Voice Exec Combo Telephone system with the competition. Now is your chance to buy direct from the manufacturer. This is a remarkable deal. This self contained matched set --includes: 4 line, 24 extension PBX which is now expandible to 8 lines and or 32 extensions with optional line and extension cards. (Call 215-698-2933 for details). This PBX has its own dial tone. It has a built-in Music on Hold adapter and melody and is compatible with our OPTIONAL DP-2000 Music / Messaging On Hold External Digital Player / Recorder. Of course, the PBX offers extensive routing, forwarding, and transferring capabilities.  Use it with "off the shelf" standard touch tone phones -- no need to puchase expensive proprietary phones. This system allows a single line or a dual line phone access to up to 4 incoming telephone lines (8 when upgraded to 8 lines). This Combo includes a state of the art Industry Standard EVM-2xv(+) Professional Voice Mail / Auto Attendant System with full featured 256 menu - Audiotex Menu System. You will love each unit's capabilities rivaling $2000.00 units made by companies like Nortel, Lucent, NEC, and Panasonic.

This New Improved Combo Telephone System is ideal for small to medium size offices. Join the thousands of happy end-users of DataLabsUSA systems. GREAT FOR REALTY OFFICES, ATTORNEYS, DOCTORS, DENTISTS, CHURCHES, and SYNAGOGUES, CONSULTANTS, COMPUTER FIRMS, SUPPORT CENTERS, and other Sales and Service Businesses where access by callers to inside and remote phones are the lifeblood of the business.

Since both the PBX and Voice mail units are self contained and 100% digital, NO COMPUTER IS USED TO PROGRAM THIS COMBO SYSTEM.

EVM ON TOP OF PBX slanted view

PBX And Voice Mail (case appearance may vary)

There are up to 255 mailboxes and up to 1054 user mail box recordable greetings and up to 6.5 hr. of high quality message storage. Self contained professional greetings and information messages are available and the user may record audiotex messages in 256 menus as well. The system can easily be programmed for Day, Night, Break-time, and Holiday as well as temporary system greetings. There are 256 possible menus available to inform the callers which may be nested in 4 layers and may have recipients. For example, tell the caller in a greeting "Press 1 for Sales" and the call automatically rings to extension 600 or whichever extension you desire. The caller could also dial the extension directly by dialing 600. This caller selectable menu system helps your business sound like a Fortune 500 Company. Not only will your callers be impressed, but your overall office efficiency will rise dramatically.

DataLabs put the DL-424-832-2+ two piece DataLabsUSA Voice Exec Combo Phone System to rigorous testing. Programming is simple and no computer is used as these are self contained devices. The voice quality of greetings and messages we saved were as loud, crisp and clear as the most expensive telephone company systems. The built-in voice prompts sound great and guide you and your callers through each function.   We now have accessibility to your telephone line(s) 3 way calling or centrex transfer features which can allow REMOTE EXTENSIONS. The system is now compatible with Vonage lines which come standard with the Call Transfer feature needed to have up to 90 remote extensions such as cell phones.

Callers inside and out have access to leave and retrieve messages in up to 255 mail boxes. Extensive notification capabilities of voice mail waiting to be heard allow mail box owners to have their internal extension phones and / or outside cell phones called by the system.

Superior Quality Cool Running Digital Circuitry

Programming is a snap with built-in Voice Prompts and an EASY operating manual which explains the operation of the PBX and the Voice Mail Units. The manual will show you how to set up mail boxes, dedicate extensions to different lines, set ring count, and all other functions with a step by step procedure. Real voice prompts guide you or your callers through each function. There are Greeting Only Audiotex Messages available when you want to inform your caller.

There is No Need to dial each mailbox. The System calls your private extension, outside phone, cell phone, and lets you pick up your password protected messages as soon as a caller leaves them, or at preset times for any interval you desire.

The system allows the user to make station intercom calls, place calls on hold (Music & Announcing on Hold is available with any music source (We recommend our optional DP-2000 Digital Music On Hold Player) or use the default built-in cheerful melody, transfer outside calls from one extension to another or automatically forward from one extension to another using "Follow Me". There is also Three Party Monitoring / Conferencing. Standard features also include dedicated Fax on any CO line for transfer of faxes to the fax machine while sharing the line for outside calling. -- Also, you may have a private line dedicated to any extension. For the many great features this PBX / Voice Mail Combo has, please see the list below.

Simply a Great Price!

4 Port 24 extension expandible PBX Retail Price -- $1699.00
Deluxe 2 Port Voice Mail Retail Price -- $1199.00

Combo Total MSRP = $2898.00

Compare Quality and Functions with $2000.00 - $4000.00 Systems.


$AVE 70% Limited Time

BOTH PBX & VOICE MAIL UNITS bundled together!

Yes! Get Both Units together! Limited Time!

NOW ONLY $864.00


Add $30.00 s/h in USA -- This is not a closeout. -- This is a direct offer from the manufacturer (DataLabs) for this DataLabsUSA Combo (two unit) PBX and Voice Mail with Auto Attendant and Audiotex System -- brand new with complete documentation and FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT! And there is a limited 1 year warranty on both units (1 year - Parts - 90 days Labor - Free 90 days customer support.

PBX-424 and EVM-2xv(+) side by side

Voice Mail (EVM-2xv+) (on right in photograph above) provides:

  • up to Six and a half (6.5) Hours Messaging Time (Crisp and Vividly Clear)

  • 256 Voice Mail Boxes and 1024 outgoing Mail Box Messages Available!

  • Over 40 Built-in System prompts are professionally announced with a female voice and are customizable!

  • Audiotex built-in prompts announce to your callers their call status such as "We are transferring your call", "That line is busy now", etc. Also, the new expanded Audiotex information menu system allows you to inform callers and tell them their options and then route the calls as you desire to the appropriate messages and extension(s).

  • Integrates with most popular PBXs that have Analog (normal dial tone) extensions including DataLabsUSA PBX DL-424-832 included with this DL-424-832-2+ Combo System.

  • Automatically handles your PBX functions with Auto Attendant or allows manual operator supervision!

  • Handles up to 2 Voice mails on up to 4 (or 8 with upgrade of PBX) outside lines at once when connected to the PBX-424-832.

  • Auto Attendant answers the phone like a real professional operator!

  • Multiple Menus and Greetings!

  • Self configures (Plug n Play) to PBX!

  • Day / Night / Vacation & Temporary Main Greetings!

  • All Digital (no moving parts or hard drive) with small footprint and ultra cool reliable operation.

  • Programmable Greetings, Ring Count, Message Length, and Maximum Message Count for each mail box.

  • Information Only Audiotex Messages Have 256 Menus With up to 4 layers.

  • Audiotex messages may have recipients (extensions and / or mailboxes) set as desired.

  • Pager and Cell Phone Notification of NEW Voice Mail Waiting to be heard.

  • Voice Prompts guide you and your callers through each function.

  • Step By Step Easy Read Manual!

  • Self Contained Unit uses Internal Programming with standard phone (any off the shelf touch tone phone including cordless) -- NO COMPUTER REQUIRED. Also program remotely from any standard outside phone or cell phone.

  • Also User Programmable from any Phone extension of the PBX.

  • Security Codes for system, administration and individual mail boxes.

  • AM / PM Time and Date Stamp on all voice mail messages.

  • Eeprom Flash Memory - keeps all settings and messages in a power failure for up to 10 years!

  • Easy Message Retrieval with password protection and full featured remote notification.

  • "Waiting to be heard Voice Mail" notification will even call a mail box owner's cell phone and / or internal extension and allow the password protected Voice Mail messages to be heard. Of course, mail box owners can call in for messages anytime they desire.

  • Multi Language Settings allow greetings and Audiotex in multiple languages to be Caller Selectable.

  • DataLabsUSA EVM-2xv+ Makes your company sound like a Fortune 500 Company!

  • FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT! (90 days) and One (1) Year limited warranty!

PBX 424-832

PBX DL-424-832 shown in photograph above -- gives standard touch tone telephones the following features:

  • Up to Four (4) Outside Lines (4 Ports expandable to 8 ports and / or 32 extensions including Vonage Voip and similar lines and regular analog lines too. -- Call for details and prices of add-on cards!) NEW Line Supervision detection!

  • Up to 24 internal Extensions expandible to 32 extensions with optional extension card. (allow 2 for Voice Mail System)

  • New! Caller ID pass to assigned ringing extensions!

  • PBX provides its own internal dial-tone and fast access to the outside telephone lines!

  • Extension privacy assured! Never worry about picking up a phone and interfering with a fax or data transmission or a conversation + NEW Extension Monitor Feature allows select extension to monitor other extensions (Only use this feature as local laws permit).

  • Answer a call and Transfer to any extension.

  • NEW IMPROVED - Greater Audio Clarity - higher volume levels and greater bandwidth provides superior performance when using any "off the shelf" standard touch tone phones and devices including modems, POS systems, cordless phones, and fax machines. Use your existing phones or any phones of your choice as there is no need for expensive proprietary phones used in many competitors systems.

  • Auto Access any idle outside line, specific line or set any extension for DIAL 9 Option.

  • Make intercom calls to any extension!.

  • Easy Set-up with password protected enhanced programming by extension phone.

  • Internal Flash Memory secures settings.

  • Grouping (Incoming and outgoing calls)

  • Incoming ring assignment

  • NEW - All Extensions can access PA system or stereo Amp with easy plug in mini jack!

  • Conference calls- and access to 3 way calling and / or Centrex 3 way / transfer services

  • 8 independent conversation loops allows up to 16 people using the system at one time

  • Assign a fax line or private line to an extension

  • Virtual Extensions (Parking Orbits) - Allows calls to be put on hold with music / messaging for up to 4 minutes and retrieved with one key-press.

  • Direct Pickup Code allows users and Voice Mail System to pick up busy or no answer transfers instantly as Auto Attendant transfer does not require the usual supervision. Lack of this feature causes delay in other systems costing many times as much. Also, extension users may pick up a call on a non ringing extension with a convenient pick-up code

  • Music On Hold has built-in melody or optional external source (plugs in with included standard 3.5 mm. mini plug), and is compatible with the optional DataLabsUSA DP-2000 Music / Messaging On Hold Digital Player.

  • Hold using flash key on phones for up to 4 minutes - Hang Up - then pick up the held call by simply dialing 1.

  • Call Pickup - Call Park - Brokers Call -- allows user to hold one call while with another caller and then return to original call.

  • Dial 0 for the Operator.

  • Toll Restriction Capable by Extension

  • Transfer - Attended or Unattended

  • One (1) Year Limited Warranty on parts - 90 days Labor - & 90 days Free Customer Support!

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Ultimate DL-424-832-2+ Combo PBX + Voice Mail System
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