DataLabsUSA 2 Port Voice Mail / Auto Attendant System

Home and Small Business Super Answering Machine System with Auto Attendant, voice mail and audiotex menu system! Works on 2 extensions of PBX or KSU on analog extensions or directly to Vonage VOIP, Comcast, Xfinity, Time Warner and most voip lines. Of course the system is compatible with standard lines like Verizon and ATT or regular CO lines!
SOHO GREAT DEAL! NOW WITH REMOTE EXTENSIONS! NEW PLUS VERSION HAS MORE MESSAGE TIME AND MENUS! Now Regular line, PBX Analog Extension, and NOW Vonage, Magic Jack, Ooma VOIP and Comcast Compatible!


Professional Voice Exec Answering Machine + Voice Mail System!

DataLabsUSA Voice Exec DL-EVM-2xv+ (plus version)
2 Port Voice Mail / Auto Attendant / Audiotex System!

EVM-2xv+ (plus version) Super Answering Machine - Voice Mail System provides the following features:

Key Features          

DL EVM-2xv+ 


NEW AUD IN JACK allows recording direct from any sound source!


  • Up to six and one half (6.5) Hours FLASH messaging time. (Crisp and Vividly Clear!) and 6 audio quality settings!
  • 256 Voice Mail Boxes and 256 outgoing Mail Box Messages Available! Up to 84 Phantom Mail Boxes that will connect to a remote extension like your home or cell phone using the 3 way transfer features (offered by the telephone company) on either connected CO line.
  • over 40 built in Audiotex message prompts are announced with a professional female operators voice and are customizable!
  • Audiotex prompts announce to your callers their call status such as "We are transferring your call, Wait a moment.", etc.
  • The System is a true Plug n play "One for All" system that does not require a service tech to install.
  • 2 Ports - Handles up to 2 Voice mails at once when connected to multiple lines. Also, will handle one call when connected to one line.
  • Auto Attendant answers the phone like a Real Professional operator. It will route the call and provide the mail box options. The mail boxes options let the caller dial a mail box to hear that mail box outgoing message. The caller may also dial a single digit number for an audiotex menu to listen to information and to be transferred to an appropriate mail box. If the caller is the mail box owner, the system will ask for a password and allow access to a mail box's options. These options are: Listen to messages, Save a message, Delete, and Delete and Play Next, Raise message volume, Notification options, distribution of messages, and message forwarding, Change Password, pager notify, and cell phone notify. There are up to 4 different personalized outgoing messages for all mail boxes. That's a possible total of 1024 mailbox outgoing greetings.
  • NOW 256 possible Information Menu items and Greetings which allows for a comprehensive 4 tiered multi layered menu system for callers to select information greetings and also to transfer direct to mail boxes!
  • Self Configures (Plug n Play)!!
  • Day, Night (Closing hours), Break time, Vacation & Temporary Main Greetings in up to 4 different languages can be recorded!!
  • All Digital (no moving parts) with small footprint and ultra cool reliable operation. Only uses 2.5 watts of power.
  • Programmable Greetings, Ring Count & Message Length (unlimited length up to maximum of 2.5 hours)!!
  • Audiotex Messages Have 256 Menus With up to 4 layers.
  • Audiotex messages may have recorded information for callers or route directly to Voice Mail Boxes or to outside extensions. (must have telco 3 way transfer or centrex 3 way transfer or Vonage for the new Remote Extension Feature.)
  • Audiotex, Main Greetings, and Mail box message Audio Quality settings...Set Normal, Medium or High Quality with silent compression on or off as desired!
  • Pager and cell phone Notification!
  • Voice Prompts guide you and your callers through each function!
  • Step By Step Easy Read Guide and a complete reference manual.!
  • Remote or Internal Programming -- NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!
  • User Programmable outside phone or programming phone input. !
  • Security Codes for main system, Administration, and mail box owners!!
  • Time/Date Stamp on all messages left in mail boxes! Auto Time Switching can shift to 5 different main greetings based on time of day, break time, holidays, etc.
  • Eeprom Flash Memory - keeps all settings and messages in a power failure for up to 10 years!
  • Easy Message Retrieval with password protection and full featured remote notification!
  • Remote notification will even call a mail box owners cell phone and allow the password protected Voice Mail messages to be heard. Of course, mail box owners can call in for messages anytime they desire.
  • Multi Language Settings allow greetings and audiotex prompts in up to four languages to be caller selectable or selectable by port! This can allow for multiple greetings for two businesses using a different outside line for each business.
  • DataLabsUSA EVM-2xv+ makes your company sound and function like a Fortune 500 company.
  • FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT and One (1) Year Limited Warranty!

One of DataLabsUSA EVM Voice Mail machines most amazing features is the ability to determine with real voice reporting which mailboxes have messages waiting to be heard by notifying (calling) the mail box owner with external voice notification which can be set to any convenient interval. The notification system will repeatedly (up to 9 times as set by the user) call an outside cell phone or land line phone until the voice mail is heard. It will do this every 6 minutes. Notification settings include start time and end time so that the mail box owner is never disturbed.

All Voice mail can also be heard by a connected phone to the rear programming jack of the DL-EVM-2xv+ Answering Machine - Voice Mail System!  

There is No Need to dial into each mailbox to check your voice mail. The System automatically calls the outside phone or cell phone, and lets you pick up your password protected messages as soon as a caller leaves them, or at preset times for any interval you desire. Now, you can also have the caller connect directly with your cell phone when using the Telephone company 3 way calling features.


We are really excited! Compare Data Labs own brand DataLabsUSA DL-EVM-2xv+ Voice Mail System to the competition. DataLabsUSA wins hands down. Now is your opportunity to buy direct from the manufacturer. This is a truly remarkable deal. The DL-EVM-2xv+ Voice Mail System is a self contained unit that DOES NOT use a computer to program. The EVM-2xv+ has an RJ-11 standard telephone jack built in. Simply plug in any programming phone which can be any standard touch tone phone. You simply pick up the phone and hear "Welcome to System Program". Then you program the system according to your home or business demands with simple system commands while being guided by a step by step manual and the system built-in voice prompts. It can also be programmed remotely (settings, audiotex messages, and mail boxes) using any outside phone. The DataLabsUSA EVM Voice Mail Unit is a state of the art Industry Standard Voice Mail Machine. You will love its capabilities rivaling $1200.00 Systems made by companies like Bogen, Sony, Avaya, Nortel, Lucent, and Panasonic.

Now get quality equipment with Industry Standard Features for less than 1/3th the price. And you get FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT (2nd to none) FROM DATA LABS. The DataLabsUSA EVM-2xv+ allows up to two calls to be answered, and allows callers to leave voice mail messages. Two Voice mails may be handled simultaneously when 2 outside lines are connected to the EVM line input port. You can also use only one telephone line connected to one port if you don't have 2 lines.

The Voice Mail unit has EPROM FLASH MEMORY providing industry standard safety so you never have to worry about losing your Settings, Voice Mail, or Audiotex messages.

There are up to 255 mailboxes and user recordable greetings and up to 6.5 hr. of high quality message storage with 6 different audio quality settings - CRISP CLEAR MESSAGES AND GREETINGS!. Self contained professional greetings and information messages are available and the user may record audiotex messages in 256 menus as well.

The system can easily be programmed for Daytime, Closing, Break-time, Holiday as well as Temporary system greetings. All Main Greetings may be recorded in up to 4 languages. There are 256 possible menu items available to inform callers. You could set up a menu system for everyone in your home or a company information menu to select options such as "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for support, 3 for billing", etc... These menu items may be nested in up to 4 layers allowing any home or small business to sound and function like a Fortune 500 Company System. Not only will your callers be impressed, but your overall efficiency will rise dramatically!

DataLabs put its new DataLabsUSA Super Answering / Voice Mail unit to rigorous testing. Programming is simple and no computer is used as this is a self contained device. The voice quality of greetings and messages we saved were as loud, crisp and clear as the most expensive telephone company systems. The built-in voice prompts sound like a professional female operator and guide you and your callers through each function or can be recorded over by the user. Once recorded over, the audiotex messages can easily be retrieved since they reside in Eprom memory. Volume controls, extension numbers, audiotex information menus, ring count, mailboxes, recipients, and all other important software settings are easily available and may be changed on the fly for the dynamic business. You may program it via special programming phone or with remote programming.

Callers inside and out have access to leave and retrieve messages. Extensive notification capabilities of voice mail waiting to be heard allow mail box owners to have their cell phones called by the system and deliver their password protected voice mail to them. Of course notification can also be used for outside land line or home phones. Also, pager notification is available. Any mail box owner may call in for their password protected voice mail any time they want, but it is great to have the system remotely notify people outside the home or office and let them hear their voice mail. And now, the caller can be connected directly to you when you are out of the office using a single line with telephone company 3 way transfer feature, Centrex 3 way transfer or Vonage lines.

Programming is a snap with real Voice Prompts and an EASY operating manual which explains the theory of operation of the Voice Mail Unit. The manual will show you how to set up mail boxes, set ring count, and all other functions with a step by step procedure. Real voice prompts guide you or your callers through each function. There are Greeting Only Audiotex Messages available when you want to inform your caller. You can easily set up a 4 layered menu system with up to nine menu items for callers to hear and select as well as direct mail box number dialing. The system will allow you to set between 1 to 9 rings before the system answers your calls so that you may answer the phone call when you are in your home or office - Not able to answer by your ring count? Then the Voice Mail System takes over! It will even call you when you are out to your cell phone!

Simply a Great Price!

Voice Mail Retail Price -- $1199.00
Compare Quality and Functions with $2000.00 Voice Mail Systems.


SAVE 70%-- Limited Time
NOW ONLY $429.00

Add $15.00 s/h in USA -- This is not a closeout. This is a direct offer from the manufacturer (DataLabs)for this DataLabsUSA DL-EVM-2xv+ Voice Mail with Auto Attendant and Audiotex System -- brand new with thorough documentation and FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT! And there is a limited 1 year warranty on this unit. Now buy at the same price now offered to telephone installation, interconnect and telecommunications companies for resale. This price may be rescinded at any time to protect the growing number of distributors purchasing this DataLabsUSA Voice Exec Super Answering Machine - Voice Mail system for resale to their customers throughout the United States and Canada.


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